3D Design

Our design engineer Stefan is an exceptional CAD/CAM expert. His engineering work includes 3D Modeling, CAD/CAM, mold and EDM design, rendering, animation, special video effects, rapid-prototyping and reverse engineering.

Honors & Awards
My Honors & Awards during the past few years

  • GrabCAD Awesomesauce competition: Honorable mention
  • ZW3D Environmental Design Contest 2011: Excellent Design Award
  • Rendering featured in Keyshot blog: http://keyshot.com/3d-rendering-camaro-keyshot/2012/
  • ZW3D/GrabCAD Challenge 2012: Peoples choice award
  • Engineers spotlight on GrabCAD: http://blog.grabcad.com/2012/08/engineers-spotlight-stefan-varga/
  • GrabCAD Golden Gear Award: Top Transportation Model of 2012
  • 2nd place ModVic Steampunk Wheelchair (pro bono) challenge
  • Two times guest lecturer at the University of mechanical engineering in Maribor, on subjects of part design in ZW3D and flow simulation with Moldex3D.
  • ZW3D Design Challenge December 2014 2x 2nd place : http://www.zwsoft.com/

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